typical information 

1315mm x 800mm

Mattress maximum dimensions:


Mattress maximum height:


Mattress recommended height:

1400mm x 870mm

Cradle dimensions:

electric - actuator assisted

Head section inclination (type):

0º - 65º

Head section inclination (range):

electric - actuator assisted

Foot section inclination (type):

0º - 20º

Foot section inclination (range):

0º - 8º (reverse Trendelenburg possible

through bed rotation)

Trendelenburg movement:

800mm (DIN 32623:2009-11)

Cotside height above mattress cradle:


Cotside height above 75mm mattress:


Safe working load:


Caster diameter: 

compliance and safety

compliance and safety

CE marked according to EU medical devices

directive 93/42/EEC MDD & compliance with:

EN ISO 14971:2012 (Application of risk management to medical devices)

EN 62366:2015 (Application of usability engineering to medical devices)

DIN 32623:2009-11 (Hospital children’s cots made from metal and plastic)

Acuators certified with IEC60601-1, ES60601-1, EN60601-1-2, EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3


Pricing for the Symba Paediatric Hospital Bed depends on your region and user specification. Please contact us directly to inquire about pricing or for information on your regional distributor. We work closely with our distributors and sales partners.

symba paediatric hospital bed electric


Symba Electric was introduced to extend the innovative features of the original Symba into demanding environments of high-care and ICU wards in hospitals. 

Nelson Mandela once said that “each of us ... have a role to play in creating a better world for our children”. Hospitalisation is an uncomfortable experience for both parents and children. It is essential to acknowledge that children are not little adults; they should experience hospitalisation in a manner suited to their complexity and uniqueness. A comforting, friendly, innovative and happier environment in which to recover is paramount.


all the benefits of the original Symba

  • beautiful design

  • calming environment

  • clear cotsides

  • easy to use

  • durable and safe

  • bright and colourful

  • functional

  • holistic product usage

  • easy maintenance


electric mattress adjustment 


quiet and smooth linear actuators add enhanced
comfort and functionality through:

  • electrically adjustable mattress cradle into various customisable positions

  • backup power and advanced control boxes allows for use in the most demanding environments

  • modular design allows electric upgrade to existing manual products


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