innovation through research

Constant design validation and

critical testing.

Praestet constantly strives to advance our testing and quality procedures. We keep up to date with local and international standards. Part of this ever evolving approach to healthcare design means we bring products to market that are relevant and fit for the future.

While our design team always adhere to current and new standards, we strive to innovate for the future. We look at new thoughts, new user considerations and upcoming draft standards to ensure our products bring constant quality and innovation to hospitals and wards around the world.

Some of the directives and standards we apply and adhere to:


  • CE marked according to EU medical devices directive 93/42/EEC MDD

  • EN ISO 14971:2012

  • EN 62366:2015

  • DIN 32623:2009-11

  • EN 50637:2017 (Draft)

quality and control

We have developed and use, on a daily basis, the Mufasa Product Management Programme. This advanced tool allows for accurate stock control and supplier control. Mufasa also generates Praestet assembly line demands while maintaining a strict eye on quality control and assurance. Each part is serialised and tracked through-out the production process. This ensures that each product purchased from Praestet has a full history and can be maintained from anywhere around the world. Mufasa also runs our quality certificates, servicing and maintenance programmes. This ensures that your downtime or services are reduced to the absolute minimal whilst ensuring that your products work like the day they first arrived.