Praestet signs with the Rodnight Partnership

With Africa Health 2018 closing, Praestet signed a Sales Representation Agreement with the Rodnight Partnership. This exciting development will allow Praestet to reach the Middle East, Northern Africa, Scandinavia and South East Asia markets.

Jed Aylmer, MD of Praestet, remarked that "the Rodnight Partnership have been involved with Praestet for a little over a year now. They have assisted us in securing our hospitals trials in Dubai and have started a number of conversations in the South East Asia market. We are excited to engage them further to assist us in reaching more customers and spreading the good word of Symba".

Martin Rodnight, CEO of the Rodnight Partnership, also made mention of their enthusiasm in growing the partnership and looked forward to expanding new markets for Praestet.

For more information or to book a visit, check the Rodnight Partnership's website.