Praestet celebrates Mandela Day with a delivery!

After 5 years of development and business creation, Praestet went back to Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital in Johannesburg in aid of the Smile Foundation campaign and of course, Mandela Day.

Rahima Moosa was the first hospital our director, Jed Aylmer, conducted interviews at and saw the seed planted for the company and product. Nelson Mandela played a central and influential role in the development of Praestet through the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital which encouraged the seed idea first brought to life though the interviews at Rahima Moosa.

In light of this, we could not think of a better way to celebrate Mandela Day (and take a little more than 67 minutes) by installing 2 brand new Symba Paediatric Hospital Beds in the Rahima Moosa Hospital.

Commenting on this, our director said "it is incredibly special for us to make a full circle in the development of Symba by taking it back to the place where it all started. And of course on such a special day, we are honoured to be part of this campaign". He went on to say that he met one of the nurses today who he interviewed all those years ago. "She could not have been happier at the outcome of her suggestions" he said.

An excited crowd of nurses gathered in Ward 4 for the delivery and eagerly took in a short demonstration of the new Symbas. A presentation is scheduled later today where the cots will be viewed by the Gauteng Premier and MEC of Health.

Happy Mandela Day!